10 lipca 2018

#SnapElection + #Tory + #DavidDavis + #BrexitDeal

Another bunch of not too obvious issues in UK politics in front of us. So, we update our February's analysis you can see: here... And we do it in a trendy way, as all British media do it right now. Have a look above, it's bet-like footage with Roman. Here goes its short summary:

1. Another (un)expected general election in front of us in the UK this year;
2. Tory obviously win cos we wouldn't have snap election if they weren't very sure about the success;
3. David Davis can be next Prime Minister cos of he is the face of British way for Brexit;
4. No Brexit deal before 29.03.2019 almost at all.

It's also possible Tory's UK has just started to sneak out of Brexit. But this is almost impossible. So, thank you for having us on your screen. Best regards from London in change.