17 grudnia 2017

BREXIT and Polish children in the UK

Very interesting BREXIT conference took place last Saturday at POSK in Polish London, and we were supporting it quite much. Baroness Sally Hamwee and Andy Slaughter MP took part in that event. Obviously, there’s no point in talking about any BREXIT cancellation anymore. However, there’s one very important point Conservatives forcing BREXIT do not take into account. It’s a psychological matter the Head for the Applied Psychology Unit, at the Polish University Abroad - Ms. Adriana Gorka, was talking about. Her speech concerned Polish kids in the UK. Due to the fact they experience the same dose of BREXIT fears as their parents do, it can imply massive work for psychologists in the future. Imagine what happens to children when they experience all those bad feelings the BREXIT’s uncertainty brings not only to their own migrant life but also to the life of their parents? Do Tory know children usually blame themselves for their parents bad moods? Today’s young, vulnerable kid tomorrow can be an adult with some kind of PTSD; an adult raising questions: “Why Britain’s govt did it to me?” Between June 2016 and December 2017 were 18 months of life full of uncertainty. Moreover, nobody still knows what the ‘Settled Status’ can finally mean, in fact. Looks like lawyers will be benefiting from BREXIT future implications more than we think now? 🤔