14 listopada 2017


Details usually turn simple things into masterpieces. Brexit tends to be one but the reality... For more than 6 months we've been hearing about the day of Britain leaving the EU. That will be 29th March 2019. Now a debate is being developed: What time exactly?! Looks like the 11pm GMT in London could win. But this would mean the Brexit CET time: 00:00am - on 30th March 2019, in fact. There'll be next day in Brussels at 11:00pm in London. Why do we let such a thing divide us even more? There's no way back from the Brexit path in the UK. Quite sure for us. So, why not to set a win-win Brexit time at 01:00 UTC on the day of 31 March 2019? That'll be the day of clocks going forward in Europe. At 01:00 UTC the same day - 31 March 2019, will be in London and in Brussels, as well. Really hard to accept two days more in the EU can be too much for the UK.