5 października 2017

Post-brexit citizens’ rights

General number of British overseas voters was around 300k in 2015. It means there was not more than 300k citizens of the UK, in the entire world, who were able to vote in British General Election 2015. Most of them live in the EU (mostly in Spain), but not all. On the other hand, there’s over 3 million EU citizens living in the UK. Most of them are Polish, mobile enough to vote in all Polish GE. So, when we talk about post-brexit citizens’ rights, we talk - in political prism - about rights of lesss than 300k Brits in the EU and more than 3m EUropeans in the UK. When we consider the fact UKIP - the party forcing Brexit, received in GE2015 over 3m votes, it leads to a conclusion that EU-UK negotiations concerning citizens’ rights can have different point of view for conservative Britain. 3m post-UKIP votes at home vs. 300k possibly pro-EU votes from abroad makes quite dramatic difference 🤔