Edynburg, 1 listopada 2017

Prezes naszego Stowarzyszenia, Roman Mazur, uczcił dzisiaj - w imieniu nas wszystkich - „pamięć polskich kobiet i mężczyzn, którzy wa...

1 września 2017

#HowToFixTheEU: post-brexit European Union STRATEGIC MANIFESTO

#HowToFixTheEU? First day of September today. Very important day in Europe. The WW2 started in Poland, exactly on 1 SEP 1939. What makes our minds full of Europe now, it's a need of going even further than present boundaries of the EU that implied Brexit and don't let us to focus on unity and growth. This way a little manifesto by us, the EU proud citizens. Nothing unusual, even Winston Churchill - the Conservative, was saying we need United States of Europe in Europe. No matter how hardly possible this document seems to be, to carry out in the reality of Europe, we believe the European Union is a proof impossible becomes fully real when its time’s coming. Fingers crossed for the EU: MANIFESTO 🤞🏻