25 sierpnia 2017

#2019change vs. BREXIT failure

British Home Office seems to be getting ready for the end of present way of Brexit negotiations. They have just 'kindly' informed 100 EUropeans living in the UK about a need of leaving Britain. It's quite normal, Brussels is still too passive to make the future of 3m EUropeans in the UK predictable. Brits have clear vision for going global. Unfortunately, there's no such strategy for the EU up to now. This only makes us sure the time of present shape of the EU is fading. Future of the united Europe can't rely on people who are not able to see solutions preventing cracks like Brexit. It is more than sure Brexit could have been avoided in case we'd have had an up-to-date representation in Brussels. Now sure is just one thing: the Home Office ought not to use such a language in 21st century Europe! They write to EUropeans like that: "(...) decision has now been taken to remove you from the United Kingdom (...)" Where's a human face of today's times in such words? That's the core of Brexit failure. It must be changed in 2019. #2019change is a must.