23 czerwca 2017

BREXIT, one year on and dripping

Today is 23rd June 2017. One year ago the Brexit referendum took place in the UK. Almost nobody had expected the UK can say NO to the EU. But it happened, like a leaking tap happens. Brexit's been on for a year but it's still dripping only. Chinese water torture, somebody'd say, goes in Europe. It is a 10-step guide, for people who find last year a bit confusing, to stay sane despite Brexit.

1. When did it start?
All we've been more than fully aware of Brexit since 2014. UKIP unexpectedly won Europarliament election 2014 in the UK with Brexit idea.

2. Who made it a real thing?
Conservatives, first of all. They won British general election in 2015 with a promise regarding Brexit referendum and did later nothing against it, in spite of their absolute majority at Westminster.

3. What was the reason for Brexit?
The EU is a big investment all members have to find as profitable to let it work. There was nobody smart enough to save the European Union's image as a very important investment in the UK.

4. How about immigration, did it imply Brexit?
Not exactly. In 2004 Britain was open for massive migration from Poland (as an effect of some stagnation the British economy had been experiencing).

5. How about jobs then?
British society was ageing much quicker than British labour market was able to change its profile. There's still a lot of vacancies in the UK but these jobs are rather not well-paid and 9-to-5 ones.

6. And NHS or benefits?
Mostly young and healthy Poles moved to the UK. Such people, in general, do need midwives and teachers not GPs and social workers.

7. So, where's Brexit catch?
Probably nowhere and everywhere, because even any greed of capitalism can't be blamed only. About 1 million Poles, working and paying taxes in the UK, contribute ca. 5 billion GBP to the British GDP each year.

8. What do we now?
We hope Brexit can be win-win success for everyone but it will never be the EU political success. All possible good deals will not change the fact Britain is leaving the European Union (making it now 12% smaller in a global scale).

9. Is there any possibility of stopping Brexit?
No, because Brexit, as UKIP idea, is being turned into a good political-life product by Conservatives. Two things are sure these days in the world: Apple is not going to kill iPhone for a few coming years, so are Conservatives with Brexit.

10. But maybe anyone could do, eh?
Only the Queen, by means of the Queen's Consent, but she doesn't need to fight for the unity of the Home Nations anymore. General election 2017 showed - first of all - what Brexit means in the UK now: there will be no Scottish independence referendum for a few long years, at least.

Kind regards from London,
Roman Mazur MBA