30 czerwca 2017

Brexit and EBRD: support Europarliament petition now...

House of Commons: only 101 in 650 votes for Queen's Speech "Single Market" & "Customs Union" amendment. None Tory vote. Isn't it strange Conservatives lead the UK towards the #HardBrexit? No, it isn't at all in the City of London. Most of the possible losts the British economy can face with #NoDeal can be balanced, by the Treasury, with incomes flowing directly from the City (indirectly from i.a. European banks & financial institutions operating mostly in the Square Mile).

We can't change #Brexit but we - EUropeans - can change e.g. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's headquarters from London to Paris in 2019. Over 2k brand new and well-paid jobs in the EU mean not only more people contributing with their taxes to the EU's treasury. It means also one big step closer to the City of Paris. Unfortunately, Frankfurt is not enough for the European Union to stay highly competitive on global financial market after the City of London lost. EBRD is mostly European bank. Its roots are in France, there's no need to run this business from London at all.

You can support petition: Europarliament... Don't hesitate, if you understand Brexit can be a good change for the EU, too.