7 marca 2017

SUPPORT NOW: European Union Stock Exchange

The EU Stock Exchange in La Defense is a must after BREXIT. The City of London and London Stock Exchange say 'bye' to us. Hard to believe EU's GDP, after the lost of UK, can relieve just thanks to Germany and present solutions. Frankfurt's stock exchange can win a lot after 2019, it's true what City A.M. writes today. But the European Union - without a fresh EU Stock Exchange - will not win the future in a global finance scale.

Old stock exchange in Lyon's profile, for the brand new EU stock exchange in Paris, together with Frankfurt's power, could let the EU not only improve global market competitiveness in 2019. We must remember SMEs are most important engine of the economy.

Brand new EU Stock Exchange is able to open a new stage in history of the EU growth. Its SMEs profile would let local PLCs from 27 EU countries grow in an European and global scale. Imagine yourself investing in SMEs' shares from all EU countries listed on one, fresh EU stock exchange. Imagine this and support: this...