15 lutego 2017

Mass lobby to guarantee the rights of residence of EU citizens

So, we're registered... However, there's a very little point in lobbying at Westminster. British MPs do their jobs not because of EU citizens' votes. They do their jobs thanks to British citizens. How many EU citizens with British citizenship in the UK? Much less than 3m. Therefore it's hardly possible to persuade British MPs into taking care of EUropeans' future in the UK more than their voters'd expect.

Unfortunately for us, too many UKIP voters on the UK's political market to take over. Conservatives are turning BREXIT from a bad idea into the vision of global Britain to win a few coming general elections. Let's not forget it is politics. The point of it is winning elections first of all. This way we have to lobby in our parliaments first. Duty of MPs we vote for is to care about the future of our jobs.