5 stycznia 2017


Looks like BREXIT negotiations have just started. It's beginning of the January, not the end of March 2017, but they started. We've got the very first crucial thing relating to the BREXIT negotiations: British ambassador to the European Union resigned.

What does that mean, taking into account he is a professional in UK-EU relations? Unfortunately, 'HARD BREXIT' can be forced by the UK's Government from the official start of the negotiations. Why, don't we know 'hard brexit' isn't good for anyone? Yes, all we know. But is BREXIT good for anyone in a strategic, long term prism at all? Of course it is not, in today's world of global economy and big competition. But it does happen, doesn't it?

Conclusion: Conservatives have been ruling over the UK since 2010 and it would be hard to carry on till 2025 or 2030 without at least semi-hard BREXIT. There's about 4 million UKIP's voters to take over in the UK. They do believe BREXIT is good, while most of the Conservatives' voters believe life is good and always vote for Tory.

P.S. Tim Barrow succeeds Ivan Rogers as the UK ambassador to the EU: 'tough negotiator' (BBC News informs just now).