16 stycznia 2017

Lisbon Strategy and BREXIT

The Times is the most up-to-date newspaper in the UK today. They went to New York to meet Donald Trump. What they brought home? A strong confirmation of Trupm's promise of a quick free trade deal between USA and UK. Who did it, as a matter of fact? Michael Gove, the Conservative MP who was LEAVE-face. Now he's back with The Times.

New US president supports BREXIT much. All we've known it since presidential campaign that took place in the States a few months ago. Now we know it even better. BTW, New Zealand PM visited London last week. His talks at 10 Downing Street regarded nothing more crucial than free trade and further increase of the 97% acceptance for NZ citizens' visa requests to migrate to the UK.

So, what's going on? Why does the European Union become some sort of underdog now - over 10% smaller in economic prism, due to the fact of BREXIT? It can be an effect of neglecting the Lisbon Strategy that was supposed to increase growth and competitiveness of the EU, the biggest economy in the world, but something went wrong. European Union won't be really cool anymore?!