24 stycznia 2017


Hard to believe but it's BREXIT media reality. 11 people surveyed ad hoc, once we heard that the Govt lost the Article 50 challenge at court: "Judges vote by majority 8 - 3 against the government". All people surveyed had watched BBC News live today & they have full reading as well as writing abilities.

Question was: What have you seen?

And one of two answers to choose:
1. Brexit has just been cancelled by the Supreme Court.
2. Supreme Court has not stopped Brexit, they just confirm the Conservatives' parliament (not Conservatives' government) goes first to start Brexit.

Results exactly 8 - 3 for the first answer: "Brexit has just been cancelled by the Supreme Court". What does that mean? Mostly people still know nothing what's going on with Brexit. But when they see on TV the Govt has lost something 8 - 3, they start to think UK stays in the EU!