18 stycznia 2017

Brexit's "Trading Places"

There was a movie Trading Places years, years ago. All we saw Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, didn't we? We've got in Poland some kind of descriptive translation of the title of that movie. It is - literally - "Unexpected Change of Roles". Yesterday something very similar to that story took place in the UK. Daily Mail e.g. says today: "A great nation is reborn" (page no. 6).

Brexit speech by Theresa May changed a lot not only in the UK. Obviously, the Queen is still able to stop BREXIT (Queen's Consent) and keep the unity of the EU safe. But now she doesn't have to do it at all. There's almost no risk for the unity of Home Nations in "free-trade-deals scenario" for the future of the UK.

Big change in the USA made this firmly possible. Long story short: UK's 1-2-1 free trade deals can be better, even for Scotland, than staying any part of the single 'bureaucratic' market. Why? Because free trade's i.a. strategic advantage accelerating GDP growth of big economies.

It looks like exit fees and fines can be not enough now to deal with the UK focused on 'hard brexit'. They lose much less than the EU. European Union is losing not only one of its leading members, European Union is losing the image of the best innovation in human history. What a pity for Poland at the moment.