2 grudnia 2016

Richmond Park by-election and BREXIT

Yesterday's Richmond Park by-election won by a LibDem. As a matter of fact, this win wasn't expected much - even though her (former) Tory opponent, also unexpectedly, lost really crucial Mayor-of-London election this year. Congrats to LibDems, of course, but it can be just another BREXIT confusion. Nothing else.

All we know LibDems always supported staying in the EU. On the other hand two facts: they have not more than 10 MPs at Westminster these days and about 70% of specific Richmond Park constituency voters voted to stay in the EU on the 23rd June.

So, Richmond Park by-election doesn't invert the BREXIT reality. Again we say: not at Westminster but in the Buckingham Palace BREXIT could be stopped. Will be harder and harder, because of e.g. net migration rate, but it's possible...