8 grudnia 2016

BREXIT and the Queen

Saxo Bank announced their 10 "outrageous predictions" for 2017. One of them is lack of BREXIT. Yes, they say: can be no brexit...

Sounds really crazy when you take into account even British parliament has just voted 461 to 89 in favour of releasing BREXIT negotiations until the end of March 2017.

However, what if they are right? Impossible things happen now. So, what must become a fact to stop BREXIT? Probably only one thing can stop BREXIT. It's a risk for unity of the Home Nations (England, Wales, Scotland and the Northern Ireland).

Nobody but the Queen is able to stop rising process of internal dividing that United Kingdom experiences because of BREXIT. She has this: Queen's Consent, to save the unity of Home Nations and open a new stage in the history of the UK. Paradoxically, it could be a better booster for British society and economy than all royal weddings, olympic games and other big things together.

The Queen herself, in such case, would have to abdicate after stopping BREXIT these days. But - undoubtedly - it could be an advantage for the future of her family's roles and goods in today's world. Therefore Saxo Bank's BREXIT prediction can be less outrageous and more smart-surfing than most of us does expect.