4 listopada 2016

Article 50

Jurnos in Poland, including the leading newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza", are wondering now about the newest BREXIT impasse some British media create today. They seem not to know yesterday's High Court decision, regarding Westminster's approval for Downing Street's invoking of the Article 50, doesn't stop BREXIT. It only explains what must be done first to start BREXIT negotiations. Nothing else.

Court decision doesn't stop BREXIT because of the fact there's Tory majority at Westminster. The same majority that didn't stop BREXIT referendum idea last year, at all. In front of the new Labour going quite smart to the Downing Street in 2020 it's almost impossible for present Parliament to stop BREXIT. Both leading parties fight for voters of the dying UKIP. Didn't over 3.5m people vote for the UKIP in 2015, did they? 3.5m usually means 10% of voter turnout in the UK. They are not going to give their votes to Conservatives stopping BREXIT. It's more than sure. Therefore - unfortunately - "Brexit means Brexit". Still only the Queen is really able to stop BREXIT. Nothing else.