28 listopada 2016


Since BREXIT referendum London has been seeming to do everything to persuade all the world that nothing bad happened. Obviously, nothing bad to London as well as people and businesses growing in London. This way, the first thing London Mayor made after unexpected results of the BREXIT referendum was launching #LONDONisOPEN social media campaign. The purpose was and still is to keep BREXIT crisis uncertainty away from London brand. Very smart and very necessary strategy.

What's crucial, #LONDONisOPEN campaign has not only been a virtual creation. It's a complex matter today, including i.a. short entrepreneurial courses for inventors and startups. They are taking place in open public places like the City Business Library. The one pictured above related to turning innovative ideas into business strategies. Interesting events also for people dealing with business innovations since years. In front of the post-BREXIT changes relating to Poles, it's future for Warsaw.