3 października 2016

Mądry Polak po szkodzie...

We've got some cliche in Poland: "Mądry Polak po szkodzie..." It's telling about the fact we usually are extremely smart after our extreme failures... Isn't it a paradox People, who let UK go away without a smart unity fight, are going to "safeguard" EU's interests now? The EU lost a big battle of the City of London, for instance, which is an European Manhattan. What's next? (Un)fortunately, it's highly recommended i.a. Donald Tusk ought to stay after EU's BREXIT-disaster to get this time all the things done better.

The new British PM - Theresa May, said yesterday that BREXIT negotiations should start in March 2017 and end after two years. Moreover, new British Chancellor - Philip Hammond, said today in Birmingham that European Union exports more to Britain than Britain to the European Union and, in fact, the 'Square Mile' can be bigger than the whole financial market of the EU for a long time. So, it looks like the negotiations will be hard for both sides but much harder for the European Union. It's a big war challenge, especially for Europeans who lost the BREXIT-referendum battle.