25 września 2016

About us

Young Polish Emigrants' Association was founded in Warsaw, in 2016, shortly after the BREXIT referendum. YPEA's founders are Polish people closely related to the one of the biggest phenomena of the present shape of the European Union - migrations from Poland since EU accession. Executive Chairman of the Association is Mr Roman Mazur MBA. He was born in Poland, works as Senior Strategy Consultant in London and is practically keen on Corporate Social Responsibility, New Economy and sport. Roman is also an honorary Starategic Development Director for one of the biggest and oldest Polish charity organisations outside Poland: The Polish University Abroad. Two other members of the Association's board are: Mr Pawel Czubinski (Vice Chairman for the Association and Managing Director for a media-market operating company), as well as Mrs Daga Strzeszewska (Secretary for the Association and Production Manager for a leading filmmaker in Poland).

Our strategic goals have been obvious since 24th June 2016: over 1-million society of young Polish migrants in the UK can't be only passive BREXIT viewer. People moved from Poland to the UK as EU citizens due to the right of freedom of movement for workers. Unexpected change of present circumstances shouldn't affect much the stability of their life-satisfaction built with great hopes in the UK. Therefore we aim at two kinds of co-operation: a good co-operation and very good co-operation; good co-operation between young Poles living in the EU and their family regions in Poland, very good co-operation between all organisations responsible for our future. The experience young Poles achieved while living in the UK, in our opinion, should be and can be a competetive-advantage asset for Poland as a member of united 'post-BEXIT' Europe.